SRE101: Lessons from a Parallel Universe

Speaker: David Blank-Edelman, Microsoft


Just within the last fifteen years, we have seen at least two separate communities evolve from the generic idea of Systems Administration/Operations. The first, DevOps, grew up very much in public. The second, SRE, germinated within the halls of “special” companies like Google and Facebook and is now starting to gain significant visibility and traction in the wider world.

Join me for an introduction to SRE: what it is, why it matters, how it relates to other operations practices like DevOps, and if/how you can get started with it in your organization.


David has over thirty years of experience in the systems administration/DevOps/SRE field in large multiplatform environments. He is the curator/editor of the O'Reilly Book Seeking SRE: Conversations on Running Production Systems at Scale and author of the O'Reilly Otter Book (Automating Systems Administration with Perl).

David is a co-founder of the wildly popular SREcon conferences hosted globally by USENIX. David currently works for Microsoft as a senior cloud advocate focusing on site reliability engineering.

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