Let's create better* scripts

(*) Improved readability, increased fault-tolerance, and more security.

Speaker: Michael Boelen


Whether you call yourself a system administrator, developer, or DevOps sprint mediator, life is too short for sloppy shell scripts! In this talk, we look at how to improve them to stand the test of time. Michael will share how to create a good foundation for your scripts, so they run more reliable now and in the future. Your (future) colleagues might love you for it.

Focus areas of this presentation include error handling, security, style, and best practices. Also, it will cover (many) mistakes made by Michael over the last 20 years. Got some of your own? They are welcome as part of the discussion.


Michael Boelen specializes in the field of Linux and UNIX security. He worked as a consultant for several Fortune 500 companies like Philips and ASML. In 2013, Michael started the security firm CISOfy to simplify security.

Next to software development, he is interested in technical auditing, system hardening, and compliance. Michael is the author of several open source security tools, including Rootkit Hunter (rkhunter) and Lynis. He blogs at Linux-Audit.com and has a personal website with relevant presentations.

Twitter: @mboelen

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