Tails (Fails) from the trenches…

Speaker: Edwin van Andel

  • A collection of short hacking and bug-bounty related stories, written up throughout the years of working with the awesome security community and it’s ‘(n)ever learning’ clients.


Edwin van Andel will take you on a ride through the beautiful, but sometimes scary, woods of bugs, fails and wonders, located in the misty valley of infosec.

There will be tales of misdirected focus. There will be burning arrows flying towards the anonymous clientele of Zerocopter’s bug-bounty and coordinated vulnerability disclosure platform. And we will gaze at the sunset over the immortal fields of stupidity.

Edwin will discuss and gives examples of beautifully chained exploits, utterly stupid designs, fails and the always funny owner’s responses. Fun, laughter and tears as we cool off and swim together in IoT infested waters. While always reflecting back to the key of all his presentations: Hackers can help.

Will you hop on for a 45 minute ride through these hidden woods? Visual stupidity included as always!


Edwin van Andel started hacking at the age of 13. Although he is now CEO of hacker company Zerocopter, his relationship with the hacker community is still the main driving force in his life. His dream to bring the brilliant minds of all hackers he knows together in one room and to hack everything that is brought in is something that he is getting closer to.

In addition, together with the “Guild of Grumpy Old Hackers”, he is actively guiding and leading young hackers in the right direction in order to create his ultimate goal - a safe society through a safer internet.

Twitter: @Yafsec

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