Counter social engineering

Speaker: Martin Geusebroek


This talk takes you on a journey through the shadow networks where access to information is vital. A world in which the line between spectator, participant, manipulator or victim of manipulation is unclear. Confidentiality, availability and integrity of information is vital for your business and society.

What if your data becomes the target of social engineers in order to access your business crown jewels, influence you, or even society into criminal act without even realizing it?

How do they proceed? What is profiling and pretexting? And how does behavioral manipulation and eliciting confidential information work. Eventually you will gain inspiration while sharing our knowledge on how we can counter social engineering together.


Martin is one of our most experienced subject matter experts! He obtained knowledge and experience in Social Engineering in an international environment while working for the Dutch government.

Martin not only teaches in an inspiring way, but also provides many striking practical examples. It is his wish to educate staff in order to make organizations better protected against attacks by social engineers.

Twitter: @ChorusCommunit1

najaar 2019

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