An update on RPKI

Speaker: Carlo Berto, RIPE


In this presentation Carlo will provide an update on the current state of routing security and routing hijacks from the perspective of RIPE NCC.

He will share statistics on the quality of the Internet Routing Registry and explains what Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is, the difference between signing and validating resources and how to do this.

Finally, Carlo will share some insights from actual RPKI deployments.


Carlo Berto is Customer Service Analyst at the RIPE NCC. He helps new members request Internet number resources and acts as the first point of contact for all support queries. He is an expert in all questions related to the RIPE Database, RPKI, abuse complaints and billing.

Carlo has over seven years of experience in Customer Services and was previously heading his own team at a global Telecommunications company. He holds a Bachelor in Statistics and Information Science from the University of Venice. Originally from Italy, Carlo speaks fluent Italian, Spanish and English.

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