Treat documentation as code

Speaker: Hagen Bauer (DE)


Use the editor you love and manage your documentation in a version control system. Have you been there too? You are forced to use a word processor to write technical documentation. You get frustrated from all this cut and paste and keeping up with different versions of input? And at the end you have to waste your time to convert the result into different versions for different audiences and different outputs?

Imagine this: you can use the text editor from the device you like the most (e.g. vi on your smartphone). Artifacts from configurations files are always up to date. Images and tables are generated from external tools without any manual steps. Different versions are created on demand with content that the intended audience is allowed or able to consume. And if you are working in a team you can have continuous documentation that creates the output of your choice for web, printing or ebooks from one single source of truth.

Let's have a look how you can use asciidoctor to create documentation in a way you will love.


Hagen Bauer can look back on more then 15 year of experience in the areas of open source content management, system administration and ecommerce. His personal mission is to help organisation of any size to deploy recent innovations in open source to reduce complexity and secure IT.

Hagen holds a masters (Diplom-Informatiker) in computer science, is an Open Group Distinguished IT Specialist and certified pfSense administrator. He is a frequent speaker at open source and enterprise software conferences for the last 20 years.

Twitter: @hbauer

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