Cryptographic applications of quantum mechanics

Speaker: Thomas Attema


It is well known that the quantum computer poses a significant threat to the security of many ICT systems. However, quantum technology is also capable of improving the security of these systems. As an example, quantum key distribution systems are already commercially available. But other applications such as quantum authentication and quantum coin flipping protocols have been developed as well. All these protocols achieve functionalities that are known to be impossible for conventional protocols.

In this talk I will explain some of these cryptographic applications of quantum technology and highlight the impossibilities that are circumvented by making use of quantum mechanical properties.


In 2013, Thomas Attema started as a researcher in the Cyber Security and Robustness department of TNO. His research focus has been on (applied) cryptography, working mainly on Multi-Party Computation and Post-Quantum Cryptography.

In addition, in 2018 he started his PhD in the cryptology group of the CWI under the supervision of professor Ronald Cramer.

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