Eventpad: Rapid and Cost Effective Cybercrime Analysis Using Visual Analytics

Speaker: Bram Cappers


Automation of malware analysis is a popular and very important topic, but with human cognition still outperforming AI we are still indispensable. In this talk we show how we can exploit the human eye for the analysis of large PCAP files and event logs using visual analytics.

At the TU/e we designed a system Eventpad to quickly visualize patterns and anomalies in event collections. In this talk we give live demos on how we can use the tool to discover fraud in VoIP traffic, discover chemical waste dumping in a wildlife preserve and reverse engineer Ransomware in back office environments.


Bram Cappers is a postdoctoral researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology and cofounder of the startup AnalyzeData. In 2018 he finished his PhD in the area of data visualization and cyber security. where he developed new antivirus technology to visually detect patterns and anomalies in network traffic.

Bram has won numerous awards in the area of data science and presented his technology at prestigious events such as BlackHat USA 2018 and Still Hacking Anyway 2017.

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