Community Hosted Open Source Infrastructure

Speaker: Koen de Jonge, ProcoliX


With the advent of technologies that where meant to bring privacy there is a tendency to wield those technologies to do the opposite. Privacy is threatened by centralization of these technologies at large corporations.

In the field of software development tools the same direction can be seen. Everybody uses sites like GitHub that are centralized and under control of large corporations.

This talk describes a potential new way to steer our precious open source and community data away from these large corporations. By creating a community backed infrastructure owned by one ore more foundations. Examples will include real data on available technologies and the cost of running such infrastructure. At the end of the presentation there will be room to discuss. Opposite views are appreciated.

WARING: activism included!


Koen de Jonge (SynQ) is a long time Open Source entrepreneur. The IT Infrastructure and Hosting business of ProcoliX was built on the basis of Open Source technology and philosophy.

Koen is a NLUUG board member and actively involved in creating community in both open systems and open minds. One of his ventures are creating a new hackerspace in Dordrecht: Hackstream.

Twitter: @koendejonge

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