The OpenBSD hypervisor in the wild, a short story, but getting longer.

Speaker: Mischa Peters


In the Summer of 2018 —after a poll on Twitter— OpenBSD Amsterdam started testing with vmm(4)/vmd(8). Mostly to see how far we could take it; more importantly to give back to the project. Little did we know where it would take us.

During this talk, Mischa will outline how it all started, how it’s built, how we operate the platform, what speedbumps we encountered and where we are now.

We are a big proponent of using as much out of OpenBSD base as possible and it has influenced our design choices a lot. These choices will be highlighted when discussing how the platform is built and how it’s operated.


Mischa Peters is a long term BSD user, starting with FreeBSD 2.x and later OpenBSD as well. He is operating a hosting and co-location company out of Amsterdam The Netherlands, currently focused on providing services on top of OpenBSD. The OpenBSD Amsterdam project is a good example of it. For his $dayjob he is leading a team of System/Solutions Engineers for a security startup.

Twitter: @mischapeters

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