Integrating host networking with EVPN

Speaker: Attilla de Groot


Over the past years EVPN has become the default technology in datacenter deployments. Still most hosts are connected through standard vlan configuration or have their own overlay technology. By the end of the year NVIDIA will add the Host Based Networking functionality to the Bluefield2 DPUs. HBN makes it possible to use the native Linux networking constructs through DOCA directly on the DPU.

In this session we will explain how such an architecture is deployed in customer environments and allows for native integration in a network with NVIDIA Spectrum switches.


Attilla has spent the last 15 years at the cutting edge of networking, having spent time with Amsterdam Internet Exchange, Infostrada, TenICT, with exposure to technology from Cisco, Brocade, HP, Juniper, and Huawei.

After NVIDIA acquired Cumulus Networks, the creators of open networking, Attilla is able to continue his interest in open architecture design.

Twitter: @packet_ninja

najaar 2021

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