May Contain Hackers 2022, the dutch hacker camp after HEU, HIP, HAL, WTH, HAR, OHM, and SHA

Speaker: Elger Jonker


The Netherlands has been a host of hacker camps since 1993. Last edition was called SHA2017. They are the temporary home away for over 3500 hackers. This talk shows what makes a hacker camp, how it is organized and highlights some of the insane challenges and complications.


Elger helps organize the large Dutch quadrennial hacker events such as SHA2017 and MCH2022, in the role as being responsible. You can bring your own (digital) flame thrower, but that also means that is has to be safe. Elger helps with setting up the organization, planning, permits and organizational matters.

Elger has also helped create other nice hacker things such as Hack42 in Arnhem and the Awesome Space in Utrecht.

Twitter: @MCH2022Camp

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