Run your own networking lab with Vagrant and Ansible

Speaker: Ondřej Caletka


Today's computers are pretty powerful and capable of running a few virtual machines. In the RIPE NCC we use this potential for our e-learning courses to provide the participants a portable lab environment that is based on open source software and can run on most computers. In this talk I will demonstrate how we use tools like Vagrant, VirtualBox or Ansible to automate creation and distribution of such environments as well as some pitfalls discovered along the way.


Ondřej works as a technical expert in the Learning and Development team of the RIPE NCC. His main responsibility includes developing and operating the lab environment for training courses and online learning.

Ondřej graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague and worked as network services administrator and developer for the Czech national research and education network CESNET before joining the RIPE NCC. He is also active in local IT communities around open source/free software, and acts as an IPv6 and DNSSEC ambassador, delivering talks and trainings at various events.

Twitter: @oskar456

najaar 2022

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