An update on NIST's PQC standardization process

Speaker: Andreas Hülsing


In this talk I will give an overview of the current situation regarding the selection and standardization of post-quantum cryptography. I will discuss the schemes selected by NIST, the schemes that moved to round 4, as well as recent and upcoming events on the topic. Finally, I will discuss which topics I think are next in the area of post-quantum cryptography.


I am assistant professor for provable security in the Coding Theory and Cryptology group at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Me and my research group are currently supported by NWO under the Vidi grant “A solid theory for post-quantum cryptography”. Besides, I am collaborating in the Formosa project to produce machine-checked proofs for high-assurance cryptographic software. My research focuses on post-quantum cryptography – cryptography that resists quantum computer-aided attacks. My works range from theoretical works, like how to model quantum attacks or formal security arguments in post-quantum security models, to applied works, like the analysis of side-channel attacks or the development of efficient hash-based signature schemes. In many of my works I try to combine the theoretical and the applied perspective. This is especially reflected in my work on standardizing post-quantum cryptography. To learn more about my research, have a look at my homepage

Twitter: @cr_yp_to

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