XCP-ng: building an Open Source and turnkey virtualization platform

Speaker: Olivier Lambert (France)


Creating a new virtualization platform in 2018 seems intriguing. Why doing something like this? Is anyone would be interested? XCP-ng answered those questions in a clear manner. Initially a fork of XenServer, XCP-ng made something some people thought would be impossible: gathering a large community around a new virtualization platform in those modern days, where containers and serverless are advertised as the only way to build a decent IT infrastructure.

XCP-ng is a fully Open Source and turnkey virtualization platform. In other words, a specialized Linux distro, with everything you need to run your virtual machines on it, without complicated installation and configuration. We'll see why it was born in the first place, what happened since and the future of it.


Olivier Lambert has been working with free software projects since 2005, deploying Xen since 2008. He was the creator of Xen Orchestra in 2009 and XCP-ng in 2018. He's one of the founder of Vates, a French company specializing in Open Source.

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