The NLUUG FTP server

Speaker: Mike Hulsman


A major asset of the NLUUG is the service of the FTP server. The FTP archive is a service for the open source community, and mirrors a very large number of open source packages.

In this talk we describe the history of this major hub of global software distribution and show the people and technology (ao. hardware, software and networking infrastructure) that we use to run this service now and in the near future. The method of mirroring and procedure to have a new content mirror attached will be discussed as well.


Mike Hulsman is working at Proxy Managed Services in various roles. Since 2012, he is one of the archive- and system admins of He is sysadmin for over 20 years now, working on Enterprise solutions for warehousing, telco's, broadband providers, banking, and technology companies. His focus is on integration, virtualization, systems, SAN storage, monitoring and application level. At the moment, he is working on a multi Petabyte gluster environment, inclusing the backup to S3.

Twitter: @mhulsman66

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