Making Open Source Easily Usable

Speaker: Alexios Zavras


Releasing some software as “Open Source” entails a few more steps than simply making it available (or “push to a repo”). Notwithstanding any quality or usability issues, the software, in order to be legally used by others, has to have an appropriate license.

This talk will present the basics of software licenses and legal compliance, from the viewpoints of both the producers and consumers of open source software. The audience will get detailed practical information and will be in position to immediately apply the concepts learned into their daily work.


Alexios Zavras (zvr) is the Senior Open Source Compliance Engineer of Intel Corp. He has been involved with Free and Open Source Software since 1983, and is an evangelist for all things Open.

He has a PhD in Computer Science after having studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Greece and the United States.

Alexios is a regular speaker in international conferences and industry events and he first presented in an NLUUG event 21 years ago!

Twitter: @zavras

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