Protection of data, privacy and online freedom in a fast changing world

Speaker: Esther Crabbedam


Freedom and privacy on the internet are under threat, with far-reaching consequences for the daily lives of millions of internet users. Their data are being collected ever more frequently and for an ever longer period. Their access to websites can be blocked. It is even being proposed to cut off users from the internet altogether. Meanwhile, the development of innovative services is also under threat.

The coming years are decisive for the future of privacy and freedom on the internet. Now, we need to ensure that each internet user can decide for her- or himself what happens to their private data. Now, we have to act to make sure that each internet user can continue to enjoy an open and free internet without borders.

This talk wil focus on recent social developments, reflect on the role data, privacy en profiling plays in these and point out what users and business can do to make a change.


Bits of Freedom is the leading digital rights organization in the Netherlands, focusing on privacy and freedom of communication online. Working at the cutting edge of technology and law, Bits of Freedom strives to influence legislation and self-regulation, and empower citizens and users by advancing the awareness, use, and development of freedom-enhancing technologies.

Twitter: @Ezsther

voorjaar 2019

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