How new OS technologies & standards will not only excite admins... but users as well

Speaker: Brian Joseph


Today, most business collaboration products are offered as cloud-only solutions. This is surprising, because for the majority of buyers, keeping their data under their own control is top-priority. With open source software, companies can keep their data safe.

Some open source technologies were challenging to implement and use, but modern orchestration technologies such as Docker or Kubernetes makes using these applications easier than ever. So why do companies still so often choose SaaS products instead of open source alternatives? And what can we do to accelerate the adoption of open source applications?

Among others we'll discuss how new open source technologies and standards can enable admins to excite users!


Brian co-founded the open source groupware business Zarafa where he developed a global footprint by building a strong partnership-driven model, while maintaining an uncompromising emphasis on customer care and employees interests.

Now as founder & CEO of Kopano, he is leveraging this experience while shaping a new direction with 100% open source collaboration software in close collaboration with the community.

voorjaar 2019

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