End-to-end automation with Ansible

Speaker: Maxim Burgerhout


Let me take you on a journey through the endless possibilities of Ansible. You already knew Ansible could manage Linux machines, but your data center contains much, much more. What about hypervisors? Clouds? Windows machines? Network devices? Kubernetes? Applications?

During this session, we'll look at deploying and configuring various platforms and applications, combining them into automated wall-to-wall deployments and look at some things you might never have tried before!


Maxim has worked in various fields, from law enforcement to academia, through being a consultant in several mid-size and large IT firms in the Netherlands, until ending up at Red Hat.

At Red Hat, Maxim is part of the presales team in the Benelux region, as a principal solution architect, and part-time evangelist. Red Hat is the place where Maxim was destined to end up at: it was his ultimate goal ever since he started to work with Linux and other open source software in the early '00s. He is very passionate about Red Hat and the way Red Hat does it's software development: out in the open.

Maxim has spoken at various conferences, both in Europe and the United States, about the Red Hat portfolio and open society in general and open source in particular. He was voted #1 speaker at Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco.

Twitter: @MaximBurgerhout

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