High speed NAT64 with p4

NAT64, a translation technique for enabling IPv6 networks with IPv4 and vice versa, becomes more and more present in today's networks. But how far can we push the speed limit and how can hardware programming help?

In this talk, Nico will give an overview of a NAT64 implementation in P4, running in hardware. He will give an overview about the system and compare it with Open Source NAT64 translators.

About Nico Schottelius

Nico Schottelius is an IPv6 advocate working at the IPv6 first data centre DataCenterLight.ch. He is working in IPv6 only networks and likes to push the barrier. In 2019 he received his MSc from ETH Zurich. You usually meet Nico at conferences like RIPE or ENOG.


  • 19:30 Doors open
  • 20:30 Opening of the evening by Ruben van Staveren
  • 20:35 Presentation by Nico Schottelius
  • 21:20 Questions
  • 22:00 Closing of the evening
Vereniging NLUUG
           postbus 8189
6710 AD Ede