Webinar: Thomas Waldmann: "Borg Backup 2/2: You wil be asimilated

BorgBackup (short: Borg) is a deduplicating backup program. Optionally, it supports compression and authenticated encryption.

This vEvent will be about BorgBackup's algorithms, data structures, administration and optimization, ... Also, I'll cover some FAQs that usually come up when practically using borg.

Note: After the introductory talk in the last meetup, I'll go a bit deeper this time.

If you did not use borg yet and if you didn't attend the last talk either, it is recommended that you have a look at borgbackup.org and maybe do some own experiments as a preparation.

About the speaker

Thomas' interest in IT started with programmable calculators (Ti, Casio Basic), then had C64 + tape drive (Basic, Assembler, Pascal), Atari ST (Logo, Assembler, C, Prolog, ...), Transputer (Occam), i386 (C under DOS+Win31, what a pain), then OS/2 (finally: a real OS and 32bits, C/C++, REXX), then to Linux (C/C++, Python, shell, ...). Trying to avoid Windows. :-)

He studied CS ("Diplom Informatiker"), focus hardware and computational linguistics at University of Stuttgart and is running my own small IT company since then with his brother.

Thomas' focus nowadays is on Linux, Servers, Hardware, developing SW, usually in Python and for FOSS projects, like e.g.: BorgBackup, MoinMoin Wiki, bepasty, nsupdate.info, xstatic, ...


  • 19:30 Deur open
  • 20:30 Opening
  • 20:35 Presentatie
  • 21:20 Vragen
  • 22:00 Sluiting avond
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